Roll The Dice – Brand New Casino Game Release

Roll the Dice is a brand new casino game with fantastic payouts. This dice game is known as Fish-Prawn-Crab and also as Hoo Hey How. Roll the Dice is based on a traditional Chinese dice game. Instead of betting on the outcome of numbers, players bet on animated characters. Specifically, this game has three dice, and the characters are imprinted on each side of the dice.

The game has seven characters/symbols which a player can bet on. These include a Coin, Fish, Prawn, Crab, Rooster, Triple, and Calabash. If any of the symbols a player bets on is revealed after the dice are shaken, the player wins a prize. If a character shows on the dice player bets on, they receive a payout of 1:1. Also, if the character shows up on two of the dice, a 2:1 payout is awarded. A 3:1 payout is awarded if the player’s bet shows on all three dice. The only exception to this rule is if the triple is shown. So, there are a variety of bets players can make in this game.

The ultimate win in Roll the Dice is a massive 30:1 payout by betting on the Triple. If a player decides to bet on the Triple icon, they are betting all three characters will show on this dice. It could be a combination of any symbol. For example, it could be three crabs or three prawns. Betting on the triple can award players with the 30:1 payout. In this game, players could win up to $15,000!

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How to Play Roll the Dice

This simple dice game is very easy to play and is purely a game of luck. First, locate the game in the casino and click Play. When you launch the game, the dice are hidden under a virtual bowl and no longer visible to the player. The player then can place a bet of $1 up to $500. There are a variety of combinations players can bet. A player will see all their betting options on the game screen. Players do have to ability to undo a selection by clicking the Clear or Undo button to reset their selection. After bets are placed, it’s time to roll the dice! Simply click on the bowl to roll the dice. The dice will shake briefly under the bowl or players drag the bowl around to shake the dice manually. When the dice are finished rolling, the dice results are shown to players.

Game Features

This new game is loaded with slick, attractive features and has a simple but gorgeous design. By clicking the Play button, you have two options. Players can practice or play for real money. Don’t let the simplicity of this traditional Chinese dice game fool you, and there are big prizes to win. Once on the main screen, you will see all of the characters you can choose and a variety of betting options. The Roll action lets players shake or tap the bowl with the dice. Shake it as hard or gently as preferred. Once the results are shown, players can continue the game with the Re-Bet option, or they can clear the bet and select new options for the next round.

Where to Play Roll the Dice

Overall, Roll the Dice is a fun game and great for taking a break from casino games which require a lot of strategies. This brand new game is exclusive and can be found at Bovada, Bodog, Ignition, and Players who are new to these casinos should take advantage of their great welcome bonuses. Not to mention, existing players rave over the fantastic perks of their well-known VIP and rewards programs. Find this new game plus many other exciting slots, table games, and specialty games, and enjoy playing!

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