New and Improved Keno Just Released, Enjoy Keno Draw Now

Brand New Keno Draw is Here!

Keno is one of the oldest casino games still played to this day. The game has been in existence for nearly 3,000 years and has roots all the way back to the Chinese Han Dynasty.

There is a reason Keno has kept up with the times and remains popular to this day. Players have full control of picking their lucky numbers, and the excitement builds before every game! Keno Draw is a new experience for new and seasoned Keno Players. The new and improved Keno Draw is offered at BODOG, Bovada, Cafe Casino, Ignition Casino, Joe Fortune,, and Enjoy!

The New Keno Draw Enhanced Features

Keno Draw is an exciting new experience for Keno fans. The experience has been completely redesigned to allow players a better experience while playing on mobile devices. The layout is intuitive, easy to use and looks fantastic. Keno Draw can still be played on desktops as well. The new Keno Draw has amazing mobile capabilities. Players using mobile or tablets can rotate their devices, and the game will flip. Another new feature is the ability for players to choose between portrait and landscape mode. The design of Keno Draw is beautiful and designed to be intuitive for players.

How to Play Keno Draw

Keno Draw has the same rules as previous Keno games. The game has numbers 1-80 and players can pick up to 15 numbers. Then the game will select 20 random numbers. If a player gets a match of at least five numbers, they will win a payout. The rules have not changed, but the new layout promises a more enjoyable way to play Keno.

A great new feature is the My Numbers feature. This feature can speed up game play and make it more efficient. Previously the “Quick Pick” selection was the only way to improve gameplay. Now, players have the ability to register up to 15 preferred numbers. The My Numbers feature saves players time. No longer is the need to select favorite numbers on every single round manually. Favorite numbers are automatically populated when using this new feature.

Many experienced players don’t like to lag and prefer a quicker style of play. When playing Keno Draw, they can use both the My Numbers feature in tandem with Turbo Mode for a thrilling Keno experience like never seen before. Results of Keno rounds populate almost instantly instead of moving along at a snail’s pace.

In addition to the new Keno Draw design and features are the Winning Rounds Feature. This exciting new feature allows players to review past Keno rounds. In the Winning Rounds, Feature players can locate a particular number of theirs, any winnings and amount of the winnings. The brand new Keno Draw experience is unparalleled and gives players an entirely new way to play one of the oldest casino games in a new way. We think you will love Keno Draw and all the incredible improvements, so give it a try today!

Play Keno the new and improved Keno Draw

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