Top Online CASINOS accepting American Express (AMEX)

AMEX is a veteran in the world of credit cards as it has been operational for more than 100 years, which means that it has settled millions of money transactions throughout those years. This way, players can rest assured that all of their data and money is safe and secured.

We have handpicked the top online casinos that accept players from the United States and that accept payments through AMEX (American Express). We only suggest casinos of the highest quality and those that offer players an immersive gambling experience in a safe and friendly online gambling environment. Players can also expect to enjoy great welcome bonuses.

The table found below does not only provide players with the names of the casinos that accept AMEX as it also provides players with some basic information about these casinos such as the payout percentage, the overall rating of the casino and the amount of the welcome bonus. On top of that, there is a review for every casino. This detailed review discusses the mentioned aspects plus others, such as the customer support, the features, the graphics, the licensing, the safety and the security in details so players can make a well-educated decision when picking the casino.

RankOnline CasinoWelcome BonusPayout %USA PlayersInstant DownloadRatingReview
1 Slots LV Visit Casino$5,00098.7USADownload Now!9.8Read Review
2 Visit Planet 7 Casino Visit Casino$777798.5USADownload Now!9.7Read Review
3Visit Royal Ace Casino Visit Casino$100097.9USADownload Now!9.7Read Review


AMEX Casinos

American Express has always been one of those credit cards that not everyone takes, and if you’ve ever been wondering why, the reason is pretty simple. Every credit card company charges a fee to whatever site is accepting them, and American Express charges the most. With online casinos doing a large majority of their deposits through credit cards, it is no surprise that there would be only a small number that accepts American Express. Instead of wasting your time finding a bunch of great online casinos only to find that they don’t take the type of payment you would prefer, we have created a resource of the best casinos that accept it.

The Nice Thing About American Express, Casinos That Pay Back

One great thing about these is that a lot of these casinos will actually pay you back more for using your American Express, in the form of different bonuses. It doesn’t really matter where you are located in relation to the casino that you choose either, since AmEx allows all of their funds to be available instantly to you, regardless of where you are located. Once you find a site that you are happy with, including games and bonuses that they offer, be sure to look carefully at all of the details regarding deposits and withdrawals. Some of the sites may only let you use it for depositing money, and not from withdrawing it from your account. There are also a number of different things that are necessary that you need to provide for security and tax purposes, like a driver’s license or government-issued photo ID, as well as proof of residency to the billing address of the credit card used.

100 Years of Stable Credit Transactions

The American Express card has been around for more than one hundred years and has always maintained a very strong reputation of being one of the most well-respected companies available. They are also very particular when it comes to accepting new members, but you are always more than welcome to apply for one. They have several different cards available, including the coveted Black AmEx, which is reserved only for top-level clients, is made of titanium, and doesn’t have any limit on it. American Express is accepted at millions of locations worldwide, both online and on land.

US Players Prefer American Express

One thing that can usually be associated with the American Express card is that it can be tied to casinos that accept deposits from Americans and those that live in the United States. This card is particularly popular with people that travel overseas a lot for business since they are accepted in so many different places. Members also get additional rewards just for being a cardholder, like travel insurance and discounts at different places. These bonuses often extend onto various websites as well, and USA online casinos are no exempt from this. In fact, being and AmEx cardholder will get you special bonus offers at a lot of online casinos on the list that we compiled for you. For further details on just what is being offered, visit the sites and see what the current offers are and how much they can benefit you. In most cases, these bonuses are in addition to other sign up and welcome bonuses that they have.

The Casinos That Accept AMEX

We have done all of the background research for you. Not only did we go out and find all the casinos that accept American Express, but we went even further to find out which of these were really great places to play also. We went through and took a really good look at the bonuses that were being offered, both for American Express cardholders as well as those that didn’t have the card, and figured out what the payout percentage was. Only the sites that had high payout percentages made the list, but they also had to have the best games available, good graphics and gaming software being utilized, and really good reviews from customers that had played on there already. After we created our top ten list based off of this criteria, and a few other things, we leave it up to you to determine how they rank from there. Go out and try some of these places out, and come back and let us know what you think about them and if they played out like we thought they would.

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