Strangest Good Luck Charms


gambling charms for good luckWhen you see a penny on the sidewalk, do you pick it up? Maybe you look for four-leaf clovers when you go for a walk, or carry a rabbit foot when playing poker. Symbols of good luck are all around us. Whether you genuinely believe in their power to bring luck, there’s a good chance you’ve owned at least one good luck charm in your life.

Brightly colored rabbit’s feet are just one of the unconventional good luck charms. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest good luck charms from around the world. You never know when you might find a new unique charm to bring you luck the next time you play at your favorite casino!

Cat’s Eye

If you collected marbles as a kid, you probably came across a few unique and distinctive looking cat’s eye marbles. A Cat’s Eye is a polished gemstone that resembles a feline eye with a center that displays concentrated light. While the good luck charm originated in India and is believed to protect financial wealth, the coin-sized charm of prosperity is popular all over the world.

Pigs, Elephants, and Frogs

This unlikely trio of animals might bring you luck if you carry a trinket or wear a pendant that resembles one of the three. Pigs bring financial prosperity in Germany, while Elephants bring luck in India. Aboriginal tribes in Australia believed that frogs brought much-needed rain, and today, Australians regard frogs as an animal that represents overall luck and prosperity. Other unlikely symbols of good luck from the animal kingdom include scarabs from Egypt and bats from China. While many people are creeped out by beetles and bats, the luck they can bring may make you have a change of heart.

Fish Scales and Acorns

If your family originates from Poland, you may already know that a carp scale is a good luck charm, especially if you carry one in your wallet. Carrying acorns for good luck started in 1066 during the Norman Conquest of England. Today, acorns are most commonly associated with autumn, but if you have an oak tree in your backyard, you have plenty of good luck charms at your convenience.

Eggs, Keys, and Ladybugs

While these three items couldn’t be more different from one another, they all represent good luck in several countries. If you want to ensure that you stay lucky in the presence of a ladybug, don’t shoo it away. Some say that ladybugs with deep red color and an abundance of spots bring the most luck. Have an old key that you don’t remember what it unlocks? String it on a necklace, and you may instantly have good luck. Not only are eggs good for your health, but many countries believe that eggs are a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

Ladders and Horseshoes

Ladders and horseshoes are common representations of good luck, but it’s all how you position them. Many people view ladders as bad luck and avoid walking under them. But, long as your ladder isn’t leaning against a wall, it may bring you luck. If you want your lucky horseshoe to be the bearer of good fortune make sure the “U” is facing upward. Turning it upside down is said to bring nothing but bad luck.


What are some other forms of good luck charms used for online casino gambling?

One of the most popular good luck charms used for online casino gambling is a four-leaf clover, especially around St. Patrick’s Day. Other things that can bring good luck are items associated with your zodiac sign. For example, if you are an Aries, you may want to carry a red gemstone with you while playing, as this is thought to bring good luck. The same goes for other zodiac signs, so it’s worth looking into what items could bring you luck according to your sign.

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