Positive Health Benefits of Playing Bingo


Bingo is more than just a fun and exciting pastime, it’s healthy for you and especially beneficial for seniors. Most noteworthy, playing bingo regularly can help boost concentration. Also, it can improve hand-eye coordination and possibly slow down physical signs of aging. Bingo in all of its forms is a fast-paced game. The pace requires players to identify winning numbers on their sheets quickly. While online versions of bingo may be more simplified, the act of focusing on the numbers can improve cognitive abilities for all players.

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Bingo, the Mind & Concentration

Playing bingo and many casino games calls for some serious concentration. With the game of bingo, players must closely pay attention to the called numbers. In addition to listening to the numbers, the process of locating the numbers on the bingo cards requires focus. While playing bingo, players must use their short-term memory skills and act quickly to mark their cards. Beyond concentration, being able to retain information is important while playing this game. Overall, it is a great game for keeping mental skills sharp and prevents these skills from deteriorating as we age. Bingo keeps the mind in tip-top condition, healthy and active. Bingo can also help prevent depression for those dealing with long hospital stays or undergoing physical therapy for an injury. It keeps the mind stimulated and can even speed up the healing process.

Benefits of Bingo for Seniors

Researchers have discovered that playing mentally stimulating games like bingo can help keep diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay. Furthermore, the studies have also shown that stimulating the mind with interactive games can improve hand-eye coordination in the elderly. Since the game moves quickly, it requires all of these mental and physical tasks to be performed together in unison. As a result, the action of playing bingo helps to exercise the mind-body connection. According to a study of 112 people, those who played bingo frequently showed a higher level of hand-eye coordination. Keeping this basic skill in tune helps seniors in being more productive, healthy, and happy.

benefits of bingo for elderly

Social Interaction & Bingo

Getting out of the house and interacting with new people and friends is a healthy activity. Studies about social interaction show a decreased risk of disability in seniors. Julie Winstone, at Southampton University, was involved in the research study which uncovered the data about bingo being a healthy activity. She stated, “any mental or physical activity is good for you, but bingo involves searching for digits which is particularly sensitive to the aging process.”

Players who enjoy online bingo may also find enjoyment from playing bingo in a land-based casino. Bingo is also easily played with social distancing in mind, as players do not need to be close to each other or a dealer. Those new to playing faster-paced versions of bingo may want to try playing online to get more comfortable with the game. The social benefits of bingo are fantastic, especially for seniors. Bingo is one of the most popular casino games and it has a multitude of benefits. It does a body (and mind) good! So, no matter where you play, you can feel great about giving your brain a great workout. Not to mention stimulating your mind, all while having fun. Plus, the exciting possibly winning a huge jackpot!

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