My Slots Rewards at Casino – Explained

my slots rewards
As a top-rated online casino, Slots lv rewards all new players a sizable welcome bonus, but the casino’s generosity doesn’t stop with new players. As a loyal and frequent player at, you automatically qualify for My Slots Rewards. Let’s learn more about the VIP program.

What is My Slots Rewards?

My Slots Rewards is a VIP program that rewards players solely for playing the games they love. Every game at qualifies players to earn My Slots Rewards points, and the more you play, the more you earn as a cashback bonus. The reward program is a great incentive to explore all the games at the online casino because every game will earn you points.

Here are a few more highlights of the My Slots Rewards program:

  1. Players can receive a cashback bonus of up to 15 percent
  2. Reward points are valid for up to one year
  3. You earn points every time you play
  4. You can save your points or cash them out whenever you want
  5. offer “surprise” points to loyal players periodically
  6. Understanding Tier Points and Rewards Points

Whether you play slots or video poker at, you earn Tier Points and Rewards Points every time you play.

There are eight levels in the My Slots Rewards program, and the tier points you earn help you advance to a higher level. The higher the level, the bigger the bonus. Tier points are cumulative and track your progress as you play.

Reward points are earned each time you play, and are deposited into your My Slots Rewards balance, and used for an exchange for a cashback bonus at any time. While some players prefer to let their points build up over a long period for a bigger bonus, you can “cash them in” at any time or only exchange some of your points.

Both Tier and Rewards points are updated in real-time and immediately after you wager during a game. There’s no waiting period at

My Slots Rewards Levels

The more you play, the more you’ll earn in the My Slots Rewards program. Here’s a closer look at the various levels and cashback bonus.

  1. Level 1: Cashback bonus is 5% and the Redemption Rate is 2500 = $1
  2. Level 2: Cashback bonus is 6% and the Redemption Rate is 2250 =$1
  3. Level 3: Cashback bonus is 7% and the Redemption Rate is 2000 = $1
  4. Level 4: Cashback bonus is 9% and the Redemption Rate is 1750 = $1
  5. Level 5: Cashback bonus is 10% and the Redemption Rate is 1500 = $1
  6. Level 6: Cashback bonus is 11% and the Redemption Rate is 1250 = $1
  7. Level 7: Cashback bonus is 12% and the Redemption Rate is 1100 = $1
  8. Level 8: Cashback bonus is 15% and the Redemption Rate is 1000 = $1

How To Earn More Rewards Points

Each game you play at will earn you Tier and Rewards points, but if you want to earn points faster, it’s best to play certain games and play often.

Video poker and table games give you 1 point for every $1 wager, but slot games will earn you 5 points for every $1 bet. Specialty games have the highest potential with 15 reward points for every $1 wager.

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