Jackpot Sit & Go Just Launched at Bovada, Bodog and Ignition Casino


Bovada, Bodog and Ignition Casino launched a brand new exciting poker tournament. Jackpot Sit & Go Poker was created for speedy play for up to three players. Can you keep up the pace? If you can, bit wins are on the horizon. Jackpot Sit & Go Poker gives players the ability to win up to 1,000x their buy-in within a brief amount of time. No longer is poker a dull, drawn-out game. This version is perfect for players of all bankrolls and budgets and is an excellent game for those looking for some heart-pounding action.

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How to Play Jackpot Sit & Go Poker

Jackpot Sit & Go is only available for desktop play at this time and players must download the official software to participate. Once the software is downloaded on a computer simply, choose the Jackpot Sit & Go option in the tournaments section of the software. Next, select the buy-in amount and the number of tournaments you wish to play. Additionally, players can select up to four tournaments. After these steps are complete, you must wait until a third player joins the table. Once the game begins, a reel is spun to uncover the amount of prize which can be won.

This version of poker is incredibly fast-paced. Jackpot Sit & Go Poker was created with ultimate excitement for players in mind. The rounds move very quickly, and the game is exhilarating. The blinds grow every three minutes, so don’t blink! Also, at the start of the tournament, every player has five hundred chips, with the big winner taking it all home. At the beginning of each game, a randomized prize pool spins. Players will be competing to win a piece of the cash pool displayed at the start of the game. If the reels spin a high amount, players can win up to 1,000x their bet. Buy-ins for Jackpot Sit & Go are very affordable. The buy-in starts as low as two dollars and players can select up to thirty dollars.

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Jackpot Sit & Go Rules

The rules of this tournament-style play are easy to follow. Currently, the only game available for this feature is Texas Hold ‘em. Before playing, make sure you have a good understanding of the rules of Texas Hold ‘em poker. If a player has a buy-in of thirty dollars and they are lucky to hit the largest multiplier, they have the possibility of winning up to $30,000 on one hand! The blinds increase rapidly and do so every three minutes. The fast blind increases mean the games flow quickly, and there is always action happening. Players can enjoy this game from their desktop computers 24/7.

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