Top 10 European Casinos – Expanded List

Welcome to our Expanded European Top 10 Casino list. We have created this website to give players a complete look at the ten best European online casinos currently available on the internet. All of our criteria was established after talking to, and employing, experienced online gamblers across the globe. We then took their valuable opinions and experience and assembled it into the list you see here.

We know and understand how many different aspects there are to online casino gambling, and how certain things are important to some, but not to others. After seeing all the research, it was very clear that despite differing opinions, there were some things that were important to everyone, and that is what we have based this list on. In addition to these criteria being important, we also wanted to ensure that the criteria gave the best overall view of the casino itself. Things like different payment options and what countries are eligible are not necessarily things that are important to a player but are important in giving an overall view of the casino. Games that have live dealers, a wide variety of bonus offers, as well as ones that have mobile versions of the casino, or even just of some of the games are also closely monitored. We have also listed Read Review and Go To sections and hyperlinks that will give you fast and easy access directly to the casino and a more extensive review.

We strive to keep our lists are current as possible and get information on the newest casinos as quickly as possible to see if they can make our top ten list. While it is more common to see many of the same casinos on here every time you visit, don’t be surprised if a new name pops up every now and again. Our casino experts have often told us that this is the best way to find their favorite casino and have found a new favorite from time to time as well. We invite and encourage everyone that visits our site to look at each casino for themselves to determine which one is the best fit for you.