Video Poker Game Tutorial

Video Poker is a single player kind of poker that is popular among poker players. Video Poker takes the edge off poker which is the competition with the other players seated at the poker table. This is because in this game, there are no other players, as poker players will only be rewarded according to the poker hand that they have without having to compare it with other poker hands. Players will be paid according to the pay table of each game and according to the minimum paying hand.


Poker chips


These games can be enjoyed at land-based casinos in the form of video poker machines that look a lot like a slot machine. Players can also enjoy this game at online casinos as all major software developers offer plenty of video poker variants that players can enjoy online through their computers in the comfort of their own home. Most of the video poker versions adopt the 5-card poker game rules as players will get 5 cards and they will choose to discard cards and get replacement cards in order to form the final poker hand. The only difference is that there are no wagering rounds in between the dealt cards as players will only place a wager at the beginning.

Although video poker is mainly a single player poker game, some video poker variants involve the dealer but the majority does not. In these games, players will have to beat the poker hand of the dealer in order to win the pot.


How to Play