Craps Game Tutorial

Craps is a Dice Table game that is highly popular in land based casinos, although it can be played at online casinos but it is more fun and exciting at land based casinos. Whenever you enter a land-based casino, you will find a table that has players around it screaming and yelling numbers, this is the Craps table. There are two types of Craps, casino craps, which can be found at casinos. In this game, players at the Craps table are all betting against the house or the casino, this is why it is entitled Casino Craps. The second kind is called Street Craps, which is where players play against each other, it used to be played in the streets and this is why it is called Street Craps.


Craps and Dice


Craps is a game of pure luck as it all depends on the dice and the numbers that results from it. In this game, players will place wagers on the outcome of the two thrown dice then a player will throw the dice, he is referred to as the shooter. After the dice are rolled, players will be paid according to the outcome. Some wagers need more than one roll dice while other wagers can be settled after one roll. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the payouts and the different wagers that can be placed at the Craps table as well as the rules that players will have to follow while being at the table among other important topics.


How to Play